Our Story

In 2016 our founder, Yessie Chavez, moved to Seattle and got a temporary part-time job at an engineering firm while she grew her yoga schedule.  During her day job she found herself giving her co-workers tips and tricks to reverse the effects of sitting at a desk. Each day she witnessed the engineers inventing innovative medical devices that would help cure ailments and allow others to feel better, but the engineers themselves often mentioned feeling aches and pains.  


These conversations evolved into her teaching lunch-hour yoga classes at the firm, in addition to her administrative work tasks. The classes quickly grew in attendance and most of the participants had never done yoga before. It was incredibly rewarding for Yessie to create "yogis" out of people who may have not otherwise tried yoga had it not been offered at their workplace - this is how YOGAandTECH was born.


With the help of her empathetic, skilled and knowledgeable team of yoga instructors, Yessie will teach the entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators of today how to cultivate sustainability and connection within themselves. Yessie believes that optimized humans will create more mindful products and a better world overall.


Offer the benefit of wellness to employees and see every aspect of company culture elevate!

Yessie, Founder

Meet The Team

Yessie Chavez

Founder & Lead Teacher, Seattle

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Dancer’s Pose because it works my entire body and requires focus, it’s nearly impossible to think about anything else when I’m balancing on one foot. In this pose I feel strong, open, stretched and present.


What’s your tech guilty pleasure?

Spotify! I love music and I love that part of my job as a yoga teacher includes making playlists, lots of playlists, sometimes I feel like a DJ - it’s really fun!

What’s your favorite aspect about tech?

Connection to family and mentors! Tech has given me the ability to interact with people that inspire me by following them on social media and learning from them. Tech also allows me to stay connected to my family and show my loved ones the beautiful places I travel to in present time via Skype and Facetime.


What’s your favorite quote?

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” -Lao Tzu

Jaclyn Winters_Studio_edited_edited.jpg
Jaclyn Winters

Lead Teacher, Los Angeles

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Wheel Pose because it’s such an intense heart opener and vulnerable position. I feel we live in a society where we feel the need to stay guarded and boxed up. In Wheel, I feel the freedom to break out of the box. It makes me feel free and open. Also, it’s such a great stretch!


What’s your tech guilty pleasure?

My tech guilty pleasure is any kind of photography or video app. I have a secret passion of shooting photos and videos and turning them into artistic shots. Any app that helps with that, I love!

What’s your favorite aspect about tech?

My favorite aspect about tech is its ability to connect people from all over the world. Also, it allows us to get information about anything quickly. Allowing us to stay educated on any topic we research or find interesting.


What’s your favorite quote?

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move.” -Osho

Our Triangle of Values


The way we treat ourselves is how we treat others. The more we can strengthen our capacity to take care of ourselves, the more we can elevate our community. Each individual on this planet is causing a ripple effect, let yours stem from a healthy place of self-care.